• OLED GPS Radar detector
  • OLED GPS Radar detector

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  • 2017 OLED GPS Radar Detector G-900STR Anti Radar Car Radar Detector Laser Radar Detector Strelka Car Detector Russian Voice

    1. G-900STR speed radar, relative to the radar, it is a full functional radar.

    Features include the most basic features of the radar:


    These are the mobile data bands for the radar, each  country with a different range of frequency bands. The radar we sell, mainly using the Russian radar band, can be sold to Russia and neighboring countries.

    2. GPS positioning function, when GPS capture catch satellite, select the local time zone, you can accurately display the local time. When you are running, the radar device can display your direction, speed, distance from a fixed point, type of camera, and speed limits on that section of the road. Of course, we have imported the local data into memory. There will be such a precise display.

    3. Web design, better release of the sound. 28 round horn, used in the car, creating a shocking effect.

    4 OLED display,

    a, solid body, no liquid material, so the seismic performance is better, not afraid to fall;

    b, there is almost no problem of viewing angle, even in a large viewing angle, the screen is still not distorted;

    c, the response time is one-thousandth of the LCD, showing the phenomenon of moving images will not be smeared;

    d, low temperature characteristics, at minus 40 degrees can still be displayed normally;

    e, higher luminous efficiency, lower energy consumption than the LCD;

    5 function settings,

    a, free to control the sound addition and subtraction.

    b, free to choose the band of the switch.

    c, add or delete points of interest

    d, ROS turn off the speed of the radar.



    1.  Can not positioning .

    In China, we have conducted actual product testing and satellite search. For the first time in a country other than China, it takes about 5 minutes or so. This is normal.

    Affect positioning there:

    a, in the shade of the trees.

    b, in the vicinity of the relatively tall buildings.

              c, Under thick clouds.

    In the above circumstances, please drive your car, in operation, will be found within 5 minutes. In the nest time ,it will positing within 2 minutes.

    2.  Radar does not broadcast.

    a.  Look at what mode you choose:

    High way : All Band alert

    city 1 : X/Ka Band Off

     city 2 :X/K/Ka Band Off

    Auto : 0~40km only display no alarm           

    40~70km city1 mode        

    70km~ "high way mode

                          b. ROS radar off speed ,please set it “0”

    c.look at all he band is open .

    d. data is not newest . Some of the new fixed-point, radar data has not been updated. Users can add points of interest to add their own. (When GPS positioning , and the speed of 20km / h or more, long press volume +, point of interest to add success).

          3. when updating .

                           a. USB port can only upgrade data, can not be used as a boot. So when connected to USB, the screen will not be displayed.

                           b. When upgrading, follow the upgrade instructions step by step.

    Our upgrade software includes a program that adjusts the USB interface , If you do not have security instructions to upgrade step by step, may not recognize the USB interface. Our software is for Windows 7 / 8. If you still can not update , please change a computer .

                         c . When you receive the machine, please do not upgrade immediately, we have updated the data to the latest data before we ship it. Our data is updated every three months and you can contact us for updates after two to three months of use.

                4.Allow over speed

     When the driving speed is higher than the road speed limit, the radar will alarm. But you do not need this speed to alarm. You can add a speed limit to remind him faster.


       5.Speed limited

    This is to set the radar alarm speed, that is, when you drive at a speed greater than the set speed, the radar will raise an alarm. If not needed, set it to a higher value


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